Transgender is the new me

I leave the perimeter and explore the other side of Colombia in all its modesty. This is my report from the front. Don´t forget that you are reading an article by Phil Phiniker, the man who discovered the subtile journalism.

I enter the area of Petropenga and meet up with a transgender person. We have sex. Her name is Mohave and is a delicate young thing. We say goodbye and I can´t remember the last time I had sex feeling proud leaving the scene.

Basketball in Colombia is combusting. Believe me. The rare entity hits me with glory and i resemble, almost shriver when the looming lay-up takes off. WOW! Colombia is so much more than just drug trade och prostitution. No, they don´t want to be called prostitutes, sex worker is the correct word.

Goodbye Colombia.

Phil Phiniker


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